About Us

iServices centre founded by Mr.Vishal in 2018, who is also the founder of iDevice through recognition of problems people face with their Apple devices and how they look around for the service centres and mostly visit to the local repairers or grey market with local parts and face troubles with cowboy repairers.

iServices is a centre where you get genuine and quality parts with warranty , services here are provided by the experienced and dedicated team, who will do their absolute best to solve your Apple devices fault as quickly and cost effectively.

The store also gives customers the option to pop down and have an informal chat about any related problems they may be having with their products and to receive general, independent advice.

iServices has an aim to open more stores in the major locations in Hyderabad city as soon as possible.


Most of the apple device users come across with the damages and problems with their apple devices and like to get the devices serviced but option of replacements that are expensive makes them to think of alternate. iServices centre visions to give the best quality service at competitive prices.


Our team is a small yet powerful combination of technicians each offering unique skills. We proudly work together to ensure repairs are carried out to a high standard and offer insightful knowledge in our areas.


With the best experience on iPhones and iPad iServices has also ensured to get the hands on with other apple devices also. Team of iServices provides service for iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple watches.

What We Do

iServices carry out on the spot repairs, especially to basic repairs on all Apple devices and added to customers reassurance in iServices as a professional repair centre.

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